Garlic Bulbs For Planting

The best garlic bulbs for planting are the largest ones which are organic. Some supermarket garlic will have been treated which makes it unsuitable for planting, and in general it has probably been bred in a hotter climate like Spain, making it unsuitable for growth in colder countries. Seed garlic is the ‘pick of the crop’ and the largest cloves from the bulb, which will grow a much better crop than by using smaller cloves.

Specific garlic bulbs for planting are available from various online stores which provide seeds and bulbs. Various varieties of planting garlic become suited for growth in their particular region according to the climate. By using a specific type of garlic which is suited to your particular region, you are giving the crop the best chance for growth from the start. You can use cloves which you have grown yourself in order to develop a strain suited to your region and climate.

Varieties of Garlic

When deciding on which garlic to choose to plant, it will depend on a couple of things. Initially you will want to choose a variety which is suited to your climate so that it will grow well. There are two main types of garlic; Hardneck (or Rocambole garlic) and softneck garlic. Softneck garlic tends to store better than the hardneck variety and different varieties will vary in flavour so it is wise to choose a flavour which you like. Elephant garlic is more closely related to the leek family and has a milder taste than other garlic. It is also much larger than regular garlic but doesn’t store are well since its cloves break up when it becomes dry.

Garlic Bulbs For Planting (Varieties)

‘Bella Italiano’ - Nice Italian hardneck garlic variety which delivers a strong, aromatic flavour.

‘Iberian Wight’ - Large flat, white-skinned softneck bulbs which grow just below the soil surface.

‘Lautrec Wight’ - France’s finest hardneck garlic producing very pretty bulbs with white outer skins and deep pink cloves.

‘Wight Cristo’ - Another softneck variety producing pure white bulbs.

‘Solent Wight’ - A reliable softneck variety and one of the best for its overall eating and keeping qualities.

‘Carcassonne Wight’ - Produces pink cloves, similar to Lautrec, but known to be of a superior bouquet and character.

‘Messidrome’ - A softneck variety producing large white bulbs with a wonderful flavour.

‘Albigensian Wight’ - A hardneck variety with excellent storing qualities.

‘Chesnok Red’ - Another hardneck variety from Shvelisi in Georgia. This particular variety has attractive purple striping and a nice, full-bodied flavour.

‘Early Purple Wight’ - Hardneck variety.

‘Edenrose’ - This hardneck variety has nice looking pink cloves when peeling back the outer white skins. Delicate flavour, renowned in France.

‘Germidour’ - A softneck variety produces large, white bulbs with a mild but rich flavour.

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